[stī′list] [ōn] | [stī′list] [kit]:

It's the rare opportunity to get access to the faves and go-to picks
of a top stylist. You'll find the seal of approval here, but not the frustration that comes from reading the phrase “Stylist's own” (unique piece that belongs to the stylist) or “vintage”.


Hatched in Montreal in the spring of 2009, Stylist's Own is a nomadic event curated by Azamit, one of Montreal's most respected and sought-after stylists and art direction consultants. The concept is to make available unique pieces that have been kept hidden, secret, or that were simply not accessible to the public. It's Azamit's way of sharing her favorite finds, unearthed in the best showrooms, workshops and exhibitions. Although her black book is a closely-guarded treasure, she intends to share its bounty (if not their provenance) every once in a while with as many people as possible.

Nomadic by nature, and lasting but a scant few days, the event unfolds each season in an unusual or little-known business or public space in Montreal. The chosen venue retains its original function, while radically morphing into a temporary showcase of rare designer delights.